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Systematic Investment Planning (SIP) is a great way to invest in mutual funds where a pre-determined amount of money fixed by you gets debited automatically from your bank account and is invested in one or more mutual funds of your choice. This reduces the hassle of actively having to track the market from time to time.

Calculate expected returns on your SIP and plan your investments
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We recommend a Aggressive Portfolio to you.
Low Risk, Stable Return

This is a conservative portfolio meant to minimize the risk of losing principal by managing the asset allocation as 40% in equity funds and remaining 60% in hybrid funds. Those experienced as well as novice investors who want to play safe by taking low risk are an ideal suit for this.

Disclaimer: The numbers displayed on this SIP calculator is based on assumed returns on your investment and is illustrative in nature. This should not be construed as official investment advice from Amit Rathi.