Don’t go for SIP, indulge in Gulp now

The way to creation of wealth is not that easy and it is quite tough to achieve such a goal. If wealth creation would have been easy, most of us would have achieved it by now. It’s not only about the investment in terms of money but also the time that we invest into it. A lot of challenges are going to pop up in the way of wealth creation, the current one being the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

But this is an opportunity to start Gulp Investment instead of SIP.

Now, what exactly is this Gulp? It’s basically a lump sum investment. On the other hand, SIP is the only way to make a long term fixed investment in a staggered manner. But in a situation like the present one when we see correction in the market due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we should make some lump sum investments in the ongoing SIP. At this moment it’s more favorable since we will be getting more units, as most of the funds have corrected nearly 20% to 30%.

Investment Gurus always look opportunities like this to create wealth. This type of correction comes to us as a life time opportunity to be in equity mutual funds.

We are not sure when the market will bottom out, but yes, we will come out strongly. We have observed many corrections happening earlier as well. Sometimes it is the Tech Bubble Burst or Lehman Crisis but this time it is the Coronavirus. So don’t panic about your long term investments and we will overcome this situation smoothly.

Let’s stay home and enjoy investing! Stay indoors, stay positive!


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